Taken by Smita Dubey


I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering in May 2016. After college I worked as a Software Engineer at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in New York on the Cloud & Analytics team, and Nvidia in Santa Clara, California on the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Team. I am currently a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz with the Creative Coding Lab.



My primary areas of interest include Computer Vision, Mixed Media Art, and Machine Learning. Complementing my technical work and interests, I love any sort of art and design. While photography is a much more recent whim for me, drawing, painting, and writing have been longtime hobbies. My personal definition of travel ranges from a walk in a never visited park to hopping on a plane and exploring a different country, and I like to capture in my photos and artwork the personalities of the places I go. 



Alongside my love for visual arts, I am also a dedicated dancer. I began my Odissi training in 2002, and have since studied and performed in the US and India with various dance troupes. I continue to train and perform throughout the country.

Taken by Smita Dubey